About the CSSA

The Cantabrian Society of Sonic Artists (CSSA) is a sonic arts group based in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. It has been established as a hub for sonic arts in the region and grew out of The Borderline Ballroom, an experimental music collective that has been curating events featuring “music from the margins” in the city since 2007.

We run a regular programme of events: from hosting live performances by local, national and international artists to installation projects. We are currently working towards securing a permanent gallery and performance space in the city later this year.

If you work in the sonic arts in Canterbury come join us!

CSSA Core Objectives

  • Develop an organizational focus for established and emerging Cantabrian sonic artists with a local, national and international scope.
  • Provide a central city venue for multichannel installation and performance to showcase and nurture Cantabrian sonic arts, attract national and international artists, and facilitate cultural exchange.
  • Collaborate with local, regional and national stakeholders in the re-development of a vibrant Christchurch cultural centre.
  • Support cultural, ethnic and gender diversity and recognize the unique position of Maori custom in the sonic arts.

CSSA is supported by:

Creative New Zealand      Christchurch City Council     Pegasus Bay Winery